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Body lift operation, called circumferential abdominoplasty or circumferential torsoplasty, is one of the aesthetic operations that can be applied to more than one area. Due to factors such as pregnancy, excessive weight gain, unhealthy diet or aging, sagging occurs in the body area. After these sagging, the body form deteriorates and a disproportionate appearance occurs. Along with body lift operations, applications such as body tightening, breast lift, hip lift and prosthesis are also used. Body stretching operations, which progress in combination with multiple aesthetic operations, will eliminate the signs of aging of the patients.

Best Candidate

Situations where body lifts are required are listed below:

  • Occurrence of tissue laxity in certain parts of the body
  • The occurrence of sagging due to regional fats
  • Gaining and losing excess weight
  • Body shape disproportion
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin

Candidates who will pay attention to their social life and diet after the surgery can benefit from body lift surgery.


Before body lift surgery, disproportions in the body due to weight loss, birth or old age will be examined. After the doctor’s examination, detailed information about the health history of the patients is obtained. By determining the elastic structure of the skin, planning is made about the scope of body lift surgery. According to the demands and needs of the patients, different applications are performed in addition to the surgery and combined surgery is performed.

Surgical Technical Information

Before the surgery, general anesthesia is applied to the patients. Body stretching surgery, which lasts for an average of 3-7 hours, becomes comprehensive according to the condition and demands of the patients. In the same surgery, prosthesis, liposuction, breast-buttock lift and fat injection applications can also be performed. According to the condition of the patients, the operation is performed in 2 stages. Lower body lift applications are similar to tummy tuck surgery. The excess skin on the anterior surface of the abdomen is collected, the excess skin is cut and the skin on the abdomen is tightened. In breast and arm lift operations, liposuction is applied first and dead tissues are removed. After the application, the excess skin of the patients is collected and folded together in one area. In body lift operations, as few incisions and stitches are used as possible.

Post-Surgery Recovery Process

The recovery process of body lift surgery varies according to the scope of the surgery. The majority of patients recover within 5-7 days after surgery. During the first 24 hours of the surgery, ice compresses are applied to the areas. Thanks to the ice compress, edema and bruises in the area are minimized. 2 weeks after the operation, patients can continue their normal lives. At the end of 6 weeks, participation in all activities in social life can be achieved. Before 6 weeks, caution should be exercised in returning to daily life.

Final Results

Body lift surgery is effective in achieving a tight and proportional image of patients. During the first 3 years after surgery, patients will have a tight and fit appearance. However, due to the continuation of aging, death and sagging of the skin tissue may occur. Attention should be paid to healthy living conditions so that the effects of the surgery do not disappear immediately.

Best Time for Application

After body stretching operations, sagging areas in the body are recovered. This change, which can be distinguished by the eye, maintains its permanence according to the sports habits, diet and lifestyle of the people. Before the operation, it is necessary to reach a regular quality of life of at least 1 year, and pay attention to sports and nutrition habits. Body lift surgery should be preferred for bodies that do not recover after a healthy life.

Healing Process Tips

In order to facilitate post-operative recovery, it is necessary to pay attention to the 2-week rest period. Before the surgery, blood thinners such as aspirin should be avoided. In the first weeks of the operation, sudden movements such as bending or running should be avoided. You should walk daily to prevent blood clot formation after liposuction.


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