Breast Augmentation

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As a result of situations such as weight loss, aging, childbirth, breastfeeding, differences in breast sizes, and lack of development of the breasts; Breast augmentation may be needed. It is an operation performed to bring the breasts to the desired size, volume and shape. Since a more aesthetic appearance is obtained, the patient continues his life with more self-confidence after the surgery.

Situations in which Breast Augmentation Surgery is Performed

The reasons for patients with breast augmentation thinking are as follows:

  • Considering the disproportion of their body lines, patients who think that their breasts are smaller; They prefer breast augmentation operation to correct the hip and chest ratio.
  • After pregnancy, loss of breast volume and sagging of the breasts may occur. It is possible to return the breast to the pre-pregnancy or breastfeeding size with breast lift and augmentation surgery.
  • If the breasts are not symmetrical and this is evident or bothers the patient; In order to ensure symmetry, breast augmentation operation is performed.
  • In cases such as after breast cancer surgery or congenital absence of breasts; An operation is performed to reconstruct the breast.
  • In case of aging of the prostheses of the patients who are placed with breast implants for medical or cosmetic reasons, losing their properties, and experiencing problems in the relevant region; breast augmentation operation is applied.
  • With the thought of increasing breast fullness and density, patients may consider breast augmentation surgery.

Preparation Stage for Breast Augmentation Operation

The doctor talks with the patient about the reason for the patient’s breast augmentation request and the purpose for which the operation will be performed. In this process, the patient’s current breast measurements are taken. These measures help in implant selection. Information about the patient’s health status, previous operations, medications that he regularly uses daily, supplements he takes, what he is allergic to, and tobacco use are requested. All details about the patient’s medical history should be known in order to determine the risks of the operation. If the patient considering breast augmentation operation is older than 40 years; In this case, they need to show their latest mammography results to their doctor in preparation for the operation. After obtaining and evaluating the necessary information, the doctor makes a surgical plan by making examinations. Within this plan, the appropriate implant is determined.

Saline and Silicone Implant Selection

The saline implant is more affordable compared to the silicone implant. However, the type of implant that creates a more natural feeling for patients is silicone. In addition to the fact that both are approved by the Ministry of Health; Silicone implant is preferred more with a rate of 85%.

Breast Augmentation Operation Process

Before the operation, the doctor makes a small and thin incision to create a pocket under the pectoral muscle. In the first stage, a temporary implant of the type determined by the patient is placed. It is checked whether the implants are symmetrical in both breasts. Then, the temporary implant is removed and the breast implant is placed after the relevant area is washed. The operation is completed with a special skin closure technique. Thanks to this technique, the patient’s scar does not stand out. Multi-ply and dissolvable sutures are used.

The operation takes about 1-2 hours. A support bra is applied with surgical dressings. In this process, the patient may experience a feeling of stiffness and pain in the operated breast area for approximately 5 days. During the recovery period, they should often walk. They can return to their daily routines within 3-7 days. However, it takes an average of 6 weeks for them to return to their busy routine. During the recovery periods, they should pay attention to the operation area and should not delay their appointments.

Breast Implant Rupture and Revision Surgery

Regardless of the type of implant used; In case of rupture or rupture of the implant in the future, the implant is replaced with an average of 30-45 minutes of operation. In the rupture of the silicone implant, the new implant is placed after the gel is removed. If the saline implant is ruptured; The silicone sheath collapses and the body absorbs the saline.

Breasts may need to be reshaped by breast surgery due to aging or gravity. With a simple revision surgery, her breasts can be restored.


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