Maternity Aesthetics

Annelik Estetiği

Maternity aesthetic applications are used for body deformities that occur after pregnancy. Maternity aesthetic operations are used to remove form loss in the breast area, sagging in the abdomen, cracks or regional fat accumulations. Women who want to regain their pre-pregnancy physique can get support from maternity aesthetic applications to eliminate postpartum residues. Especially in the removal of pregnancy scars that cause deformation in the breast and abdomen, maternity aesthetics creates a definite result.

Best Candidate

Candidates considered ideal for maternity aesthetic applications are listed below:

  • For maternity aesthetics, the pregnancy process must be terminated and the breastfeeding period must be overcome.
  • Patients with sagging and drooping breast structure after pregnancy are ideal for maternity aesthetics.
  • Patients with regional cracks due to excessive tension and swelling in the abdomen may request an operation.
  • Maternity aesthetics may be requested due to the downward inclination of the nipples.
  • It is ideal for patients with permanent fat accumulation in the abdomen, hips and waist area due to excessive weight gain and loss.

Consultation Process

The health information of patients who request maternity aesthetics is investigated by the plastic surgery. To determine whether they are suitable for the surgery process, the patients’ health history, drug use and operation process are examined. After examining the damages in the abdomen, breast and waist region, the most ideal treatment process for the patients will be determined and the aesthetic combination will be planned.

Surgical Information

Maternal aesthetic applications are completed in 4-5 hours. After general anesthesia is applied for the application, an incision is made up to the pubic hairline. The deformed muscle and fat layer in the region is removed from the incision made for tummy tuck surgery. After removing the excess skin and adipose tissue in the abdomen, the skin in the area is collected and the tightening of the abdominal muscles is supported. After the tummy tuck surgery, a breast lift operation is performed to relieve the breast deformity. Depending on the problem in the breast area, the breast aesthetic technique to be applied varies. Breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction operations are determined in detail on the treatment plan of the patients.

Postoperative Recovery Period

The first 2 weeks are critical in the recovery process after maternity aesthetics. In this process, where patients need to lie down and rest, the sitting and lying positions specified by the experts should be determined. In the first 2 weeks of the surgery, drains are used to prevent clots and bleeding in the area. In the first 24 hours of the operation, ice compresses are applied to the operation area. Ice compress, which prevents bruising, swelling and bleeding, is repeated every 10 minutes. After at least 2 weeks of rest, patients can return to their daily lives. At least 6 weeks are needed for the surgical site to heal.


Maternity aesthetics is a combined aesthetic operation and the techniques used vary from person to person. Depending on the personal goals set by the patients, the techniques used in the surgery may differ. Breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast filling, tummy tuck, hip aesthetics and many other applications are changed according to the needs of the patients.

Final Results

After maternity aesthetics, a visible difference will occur. After the aesthetic, the final results continue to be effective for several years. Eating habits and exercises should be continued for the continuity of the tightness of the skin. Even if some loosening occurs during the aging process, if the conditions are complied with, the firmness effect in the area continues. By entering the pregnancy process, the tightness in the abdomen will go away.

Recovery Time

The recovery period of maternity aesthetics is an average of 6 weeks. According to the preferred applications in surgery, the healing process of the regions will be affected. After the surgery, discharge procedures are started on the same day and the patients are sent home. After an average of 7-10 days of rest, patients can continue their social lives.


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