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Abdominoplasty, called abdominoplasty, is ideal for patients with excess fat and skin accumulated in the abdomen. After tummy tuck surgery, sagging and deformed tissues in the abdomen will disappear. During the tummy tuck operation, liposuction is also applied as needed and the normal form of the area is restored. Patients who are overweight and suddenly lose weight, patients who have regional fat after birth, and patients who have regional skin sagging due to age may request tummy tuck surgery. Those who experience loss of form between the abdominal muscles can achieve a more fit appearance with tummy tuck surgery.

Best Candidate

Abdominoplasty, which is used by all male and female candidates, is ideal for patients with the following problems:

  • Patients with sagging abdominal fat during pregnancy
  • Patients with loose abdominal muscles as a result of gaining and losing excess weight
  • Patients with excess skin in the abdomen
  • Patients with excess fat in the abdomen

Patients who have the above criteria and are in good general health can request tummy tuck surgery.


Before the tummy tuck surgery, the health history of the patients is examined by the plastic surgeon. After obtaining information about the drugs used by the patients, the operation and diseases they have undergone, the medical history of the patients is obtained. A physical examination is performed to examine the fat tissue in the abdomen. After examining whether there is muscle tissue and skin laxity in the area, the preferences to be used in the operation are determined. After all examinations and examinations, it will be decided whether the patients are suitable for tummy tuck surgery.

Surgical Information

Tummy tuck surgery lasts for an average of 2-3 hours. Along with tummy tuck surgery, liposuction is also applied to the waist and belly area. After the incision is made around the bikini area, it is advanced into the abdomen. After the deformed muscle tissue in the abdomen is determined, it is taken out by application. When liposuction is needed, the adipose tissue is taken out. During the procedure, elliptical fat tissue is removed and the abdominal region appears proportional. The healthy skin remaining in the abdomen is adjusted to be fixed to the incision area and the excess skin in the area is collected. Thanks to the procedure applied exactly under the navel, there will be no scars after the operation. When there is excess skin, there will be no collection marks and the excess skin will be cut and removed from the area. After tummy tuck surgery, the muscles and skin in the abdomen will be tightened.

Post-Surgery Recovery Process

After tummy tuck surgery, patients are dressed in a tightening garment. Drains placed in the abdominal region remain in the area for a few days after the operation. Drains, which eliminate the risk of bruising and bleeding in the area, are removed at the end of 2 weeks. Ice compresses are applied in the first 24 hours of the operation to prevent edema and swelling in the area. 6 weeks after the operation, patients recover completely and return to social life and exercises.

Final Results

Tummy tuck surgery shows its effect for several years. Due to the advancing age of the patients, the skin tissue in the area loosens and sagging may recur. During pregnancy or excessive weight gain, stretching may occur in the eyebrows and fat layer in the abdomen. After the operation, visible differences occur in the patients.

Healing Tips

After the operation, attention should be paid to the dressing of the bandages in the area. The area should be kept clean at all times to prevent infection. Patients should lie down for 2 weeks and use the corsets in the area regularly. Oral painkillers should be taken to minimize post-operative pain.

Abdominoplasty Techniques

Abdominoplasty, which is divided into two categories, is determined according to the condition of the patients and the desired results. After the examination by the experts, the most suitable type of operation for the patients will be determined. In the first application, after removing excess fat and tissues from the abdomen, the skin in the area is shaped. The second application is called partial tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck operation, which is applied only to the area below the navel, is completed in a short time and heals easily.


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