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Fat grafting operation, called fat injection, is used to eliminate regional sagging and aging effects. Fat grafting operation, which is effectively used for aesthetic surgery and plastic surgery, renews the areas where the fat tissue is damaged. Fat injection, which is frequently used in areas such as the face and arms, provides the body’s fat balance and creates a youthful appearance. With the fat injection application, a long-term young and natural image will be obtained.

Best Candidate

The characteristics of the candidates who are ideal for fat injection application are explained in detail below:

  • People with softening of fat tissue in areas such as hips, face, waist, legs or arms may request fat injection.
  • Fat injection is applied to delay sagging in the under eye, cheek, cheekbones, eyebrow, forehead, chin and jowl areas.
  • Fat injection is preferred instead of using implants for sagging in the hip and breast area.
  • Fat injection is preferred to remove wrinkles on the hands. With the use of fat transfer, the loss of volume and form in the hands will be eliminated.


Before the fat injection, the health history of the patients is examined by the specialist. Patients’ requests are received to determine which areas to apply fat injection. After examining the fat tissues in the areas determined by the patients, the technique to be applied to the areas will be determined. By listening to the medical history of the patients, treatment planning is prepared depending on the medications taken in the past, operations and traumas.

Surgical Information

Liposuction is preferred for fat transfer during fat grafting procedures. After the healthy fat tissue is taken from the determined areas, fat is injected with cannulas to the areas that need tightening. The adipose tissue to be injected is purified before the procedure and beneficial cells are highlighted. During the injection into the area, it is started with small doses and the adipose tissue gains a natural appearance. Depending on the amount of fat that can be obtained with liposuction, the number and amount of the area to be injected vary. During the application, patients are given general anesthesia.

Postoperative Recovery Period

During the recovery period after fat injection, patients are dressed in corsets. Corsets should be used regularly in order to fix the fat tissue in the area and prevent deformations. After the surgery, drains and tubes are inserted into the area. Drains, which eliminate the risk of bleeding and clots, are removed within an average of 1 week. Cold ice compresses should be applied to minimize swelling and bruising in the area. Patients should rest constantly and stay away from work life for at least 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, patients can continue their normal lives and return to work. 6 weeks after surgery, patients will resume their normal lives.

Final Results

Depending on the condition and age of the patients, the results of the surgery vary. The fat injection application, which makes a noticeable difference, ensures that the fat transfer area is fuller and softer. Depending on the condition of the patients, the skin of the area where the oil injection is made also regenerates. Depending on the effect of aging, slight form loss may occur in the areas where fat injection is made.

Fat Tissue Extraction Process

In the fat tissue extraction process, local anesthesia is applied to the determined area after the consultation and the adipose tissue is removed. In order for the healthy adipose tissue to come out, a small incision is made in the area and the cannulas are inserted. A very sterile technique is used for the adipose tissue to come out, and all tissues are removed without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Oil Purification Processes

In the fat purification application, the cells of the fat tissue removed from the body are separated. Thanks to the tiny injectors used, the removed adipose tissue is purified and the beneficial cells in the fat are brought to the forefront by filtering.

Oil Placement Procedures

Before the fat placement procedure, the graft area is determined by the experts. Using a needle or cannula, the prepared adipose tissue is injected into the area. Fat is injected into the same area several times and the ideal form is obtained.


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