Breast Revision

Meme Revizyonu

In patients undergoing breast surgery; Breast revision may be required due to healing-based limitations and location changes. Revision may be required due to reasons arising from breast operations, as well as natural differences that cause changes in breast tissue such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. Breast revision operation is performed at the request of the patient or for reasons of necessity. Common reasons include; There are reasons such as deflating and replacement of the implant.

Situations in which Breast Revision is Needed

The problems that can be solved by breast revision surgery are given below:

  • When the two breasts are compared, if there is a difference in the nipple position; This situation can be corrected with breast revision.
  • If the breast implant is desired to be larger or smaller than the existing one; This can be corrected with revision surgery.
  • Breast revision may be required if breast implants are converted to silicone instead of saline.
  • After breast operations, revision may be required with the fall or rise of breast implants over time.
  • Capsular contracture concerns are among the situations that require breast revision.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result obtained after breast augmentation surgery; A better result can be obtained with breast revision.
  • If it is desired to remove the breast implants permanently, the operation is performed.

Examination Before Breast Revision

Before breast revision surgery; An evaluation is made between the patient and the doctor. The patient’s concerns, expectations and wishes are evaluated. Breast measurements are taken together with a comprehensive physical examination. The patient’s medical history is then asked. After all this, a suitable treatment plan is prepared for the patient.

Surgical Process in Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision operation varies according to the patient’s problem. The most common reasons for revision processes are; there are symmetry problems. When there are symmetrical problems in the position of the implant and the nipple; The pocket where the implants are placed is revised and the incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. Other revisions that are frequently made are as follows:

  • When there is a change in the shape and volume of the breasts as a result of weight change, age gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding; breast revision.
  • If revision surgery will be performed to remove the breast implant; After the implant is removed, surgical application is performed for the erection of the remaining breast tissue.
  • If the pectoral muscle is cut during the first breast augmentation operation; implants may fall towards the sternum. This can cause the patient’s décolleté to appear unusual. However, simmasticity can be corrected with revision surgery.
  • In case the surrounding muscles do not provide sufficient support to the breast implants; The resulting asymmetrical conditions and implant shifts are corrected.
  • If there is a thickened scar tissue around the placed breast implant; Revision surgery is performed with a capsulectomy procedure to eliminate it.
  • Silicone implants; They are implants that patients find more natural and comfortable. With the developing technology; The quality of silicone implants is also getting better. For this reason, patients using saline implants can switch to silicone implants with breast revision.

Recovery Period After Breast Revision Surgery

In the first week after the operation, the patient should not remove the dressing made by the doctor. In addition, during the first week, a surgical bra should be worn. The patient should walk frequently after the breast revision operation in order to both relax and prevent clot formation.

The patient must keep the operation area dry for a certain period of time. The doctor gives the necessary information about it. There is no harm in returning to his daily routine within 1-2 weeks after the surgery. However, they should not tire themselves too much within 4-6 weeks after the operation. In this process, they should not delay the follow-up appointments determined by their doctors.


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