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Breast reduction surgery is preferred in order to get rid of the physical symptoms caused by the size of the breast and to have a breast in a more proportional size with the body. There is no age restriction for this operation. However, it is preferable to wait for the end of breast development. Those who will undergo breast reduction surgery before the birth and breastfeeding period; They should be aware that the period of birth and breastfeeding may have effects on the breast. After the operation, there is no loss of sensation as the nipples and the tissues under their surroundings are attached. This enables women to protect their breastfeeding ability. However, there is no guarantee that this feeling can be preserved after the operation.

Conditions Requiring Breast Reduction Operation

The best candidates for breast reduction surgery are those who:

  • Breast reduction operation is suitable for those whose breasts are too large compared to their body and body dimensions.
  • Sagging, heavy breasts and downward-facing nipples or areolas; requires breast reduction surgery.
  • In case of size inequality between the two breasts, the breasts can be made symmetrical with breast reduction surgery.
  • If the weight is felt due to the size of the breasts; back, neck and shoulder pain can be experienced.
  • Breast reduction surgery is performed to relieve these pains.
  • It can be seen that the skin under the breasts that are large in size is irritated. This problem can be prevented by breast reduction operation.
  • Patients who have indentations on their shoulders due to narrow bra straps are suitable for breast reduction surgery.
  • If the weight caused by the size of the breasts limits the patient’s daily physical activities;
  • Breast reduction surgery is an option that should be considered.
  • As a result of the patient’s discomfort with the size of his breasts, breast reduction surgery can be performed.

Breast Reduction Operation Planning Phase

Before breast reduction surgery, the patient’s medical history is learned, and the suitability for the operation and how the operation will be performed are evaluated. For this purpose, breast sizes are first measured by physical examination. Among the patients who are over 40 years old; Previous mammography is requested. Patients who will breastfeed after breast reduction surgery should tell their doctor about this before the operation. In the planning phase; A clear decision is made about how much breast tissue will be removed and which techniques will be used for this procedure.

Surgical Information About Breast Reduction Operation

In breast reduction surgery performed with general anesthesia; The incision is made as the doctor decides and the amount of tissue that is decided to be removed is removed. After the breast and nipple are lifted, sutures are placed. Multi-layered dissolvable sutures are used and these sutures do not disturb the patient later as scars. The operation can be completed in 3-4 hours.

There are 2 incision techniques, anchor incision and keyhole incision. Anchor incision technique is used for women with large breasts who have excessive sagging in their breasts. It is a method where an incision is made perpendicular to the chest fold around the areola and then continued horizontally. It is known for leaving a lot of marks. The keyhole incision technique is; In addition to leaving less scars, it is a preferred technique for women with normal sagging breasts.

Healing Process After Breast Reduction Operation

After breast reduction surgery, a surgical bra is applied to the breasts by means of a bandage. This bandage and surgical bra should not be removed for the first 1 week after the operation. It is normal to feel discomfort in the first 2 weeks. During the first 4-6 weeks, only light activities should be done. In this process, all activities that will create pressure, including sexual activity, should be avoided. They should attend appointments at the intervals determined by their doctor.


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