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Thigh lift surgeries are used to remove excess skin in the thigh area and to obtain a tighter appearance. Reasons such as aging, excessive weight gain or birth will lead to the formation of sagging in the thigh area. Muscle and adipose tissue in the thighs lose their form, resulting in a more bulky appearance than normal. Thigh lift surgery is used to eliminate the loss of form in the thighs, to create a tighter appearance and to make the area look more alive.

Top Candidates

The characteristics of people who need a thigh lift operation are listed below:

  • People who want tighter thighs,
  • People with softening and sagging in the thigh area,
  • People who experience instant weight loss and face excess skin problem after bariatric surgery,
  • People with looseness in the thigh area,
  • People who have difficulty walking due to the weight of their thighs,
  • People who have difficulty in choosing clothes due to body disproportion may request thigh lift surgery.

Consultation Process

Before the thigh lift surgery, information is obtained about the complaints and expectations of the patients. After examining the fat tissue and disproportions in the thigh area, the skin layer in the area will be examined. In order to obtain information about the health history of the patients, surgical interventions, drugs used in the past and traumas encountered are questioned. Considering the expectations of the patients, the operations to be added next to the thigh lift surgery are also determined. Considering all the information, the planning of the thigh lift surgery is made.

Surgical Information

Before the thigh lift surgery, general anesthesia is applied to the patients. After general anesthesia, the operation, which takes an average of 2-3 hours, is started. For the outer thigh lift, an incision is made from the fold area of the hips. After the incision is made along the skin line, which can be hidden with underwear, the dead tissues in the skin are removed in an elliptical manner. After removing the dead tissue and dead fat layers inside, the skin is provided to be more taut and smooth. By pulling the skin up, a harder and tighter appearance of the thighs is obtained. In the inner thigh surgery, an incision is made close to the groin line and the skin tissue is taken out in an elliptical manner. In a way that does not affect the genital area, the inner thigh area is stretched and the skin is fixed with invisible stitches.

Post-Surgery Recovery Process

After the thigh lift surgery, ice compresses are applied to the patients for 24 hours and swelling and bruises in the area are minimized. In order to maintain tightness in the area and to prevent edema, patients are dressed in corsets. During the first 2 weeks, patients should use these corsets. Drains and tubes applied to the area are removed at the end of 1 week and the risk of bleeding in the area is eliminated. Patients should wait at least 2 weeks to return to business life and at least 6 weeks to return to normal life.

Final Results

After thigh lift surgery, softening and sagging in the thigh area are eliminated. It may lose its form due to effects such as surgery, excessive weight gain, pregnancy or aging, which makes the thighs look tighter and more alive. In order to preserve the effects of the surgery for a long time, a healthy diet and regular exercise are required. Thigh lift operation, which lasts for 5-10 years on average, may experience slight deformities due to aging.

Healing Tips

In the first 2 weeks after the operation, it is necessary to lie down and rest. After liposuction, patients should start walking immediately. The reason for walking is to prevent clot formation in the area. In the first 2 weeks, the surgical site should not be too tired, stretched or released. The corsets in the area should not be removed and the healing process should be accelerated. It takes 2-8 weeks for the hip area of the patients to take shape. The edema and bruises that occur in the area will be removed within 3-5 weeks on average.


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