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After mastectomy, the procedure applied to achieve the normal shape, appearance and size of the patient’s breast is called breast reconstruction. It is a plastic surgery procedure. It can be done with more than one technique. If the patient has lost only one breast; A suitable breast is made for the existing breast. Care is taken to ensure that both breasts are symmetrical. The size and position of the two breasts are well adjusted. Operations such as breast lift, breast lift, breast augmentation can be applied. The number of patients with recurrence of breast cancer after breast reconstruction is very low. However, patients should stay in contact with oncologists as a preventive measure in this process and closely monitor whether the remaining tissue shows signs of cancer.

Reasons for Applying for Breast Reconstruction

The reasons for breast reconstruction are as follows:

  • There is an imbalance in the patient’s chest area created by the lost breast. Breast reconstruction is used to correct this imbalance.
  • If the patient wants his old breasts and body back, does not want to have difficulties in choosing clothes and underwear, if he is tired of putting a prosthesis in his bra; breast reconstruction is performed.
  • If you have had a mastectomy or are planning a mastectomy; The patient is undergoing breast reconstruction.
  • Breast reconstruction is performed for patients who no longer have previous medical conditions after completing cancer treatment.

Breast Reconstruction Consultation Process

The most important stage before breast reconstruction; is the treatment of cancer. Usually, patients precede mastectomy and see all the options they have afterwards. At the preparatory stage, the doctor should know the cancer treatment method applied. Depending on the treatment, there may be changes in the reconstruction treatment. After detailed examination, a chart is created and the ideal technique is evaluated with the patient.

Breast Reconstruction Construction

It is a reconstruction study performed to create breast filling during or after mastectomy. It is implant based. The surgical process consists of two stages. First, an implant is placed in the breast area to expand the breast tissue. In this way, it is aimed to expand the tissue and skin. Therefore, saline is injected at weekly or biweekly intervals. If it is decided that sufficient volume has been reached while injecting saline; a waiting period of several months begins for the skin to stabilize. In the next stage; The tissue expander is removed and the silicone or saline implant is placed. In order to minimize the scars of the patient during the procedure, it is preferred to use the same incision site as the mastectomy.

Natural or flap reconstruction, called the second type of breast reconstruction; It requires the patient to stay in the hospital for 2-7 days. The patient is given a more comprehensive treatment, mostly in academic medical centers. The breast is formed using the patient’s own tissue. For this, abdominal tissue and muscle tissue taken from the back are used. It is a treatment applied under the influence of general anesthesia. However, there is no harm in applying it with sedation or local anesthesia.

Recovery Period After Breast Reconstruction

During the first week after the surgery, the patient should not remove the bandage that the doctor put on their breasts. In this process, they should use a surgical bra. At the same time, it is recommended that they use their arms so that they do not raise them higher than their shoulders. Depending on the patient’s surgical process, the doctor may give specific instructions to each patient. In this process, oral medications and follow-up appointments are given to avoid the risk of infection.

Breast reconstruction can also be emotionally challenging for the patient. In this process, problems such as the patient’s not accepting the situation may occur. However, the patient who lost his breast due to cancer or any other reason; feels a physical and emotional satisfaction after breast reconstruction. Creating a new breast suitable for the patient; It ensures that the patient’s self-confidence is restored, his quality of life is improved, and he can regain his unique image.


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