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Over time, with the aging of individuals and the effect of gravity, there may be many changes such as sagging on the neck, presence of excess skin, and decreased volume. In such cases, the skin in the neck area can be collected with neck lift operation. Many patients who need neck lift; He thinks that he looks older because the neck area attracts more attention than the face area. In order to achieve a younger appearance, neck lift is performed. In addition, those who have lost weight can have a more aesthetic appearance with the stretching of the excess skin by applying the neck lift procedure. A neck lift operation is performed to achieve a natural and harmonious appearance with the rest of the face. A personalized combination of interventions is implemented for patients.

Concerns Requiring Neck Lift

The concerns of patients who need neck lift surgery are as follows:

  • If excessive skin and adipose tissue is accumulated in the neck area; neck lift is performed.
  • In case of folds and lines on the neck; This problem can be eliminated with neck lift operation.
  • A double chin appears with the looseness of the chin and skin, the accumulation of excessive fat tissue under the chin and requires neck lift.
  • When the neck skin folds and sags, this situation is corrected by neck lift.

Preparation for Neck Lift Operation

Before the neck lift procedure, the doctor should know the patient’s medical history. At the same time, it is necessary to know the expected result after the neck lift procedure. After the doctor examines the patient’s neck physically, he determines the procedures to be done to the patient in the following stages and informs the patient about this.

Neck Lift Operation

The patient is placed under general anesthesia for the neck lift procedure. An incision is made in front of and behind the ear. Since this incision will be hidden later, the patient does not have an aesthetic problem with the incision scar. An incision is then made in the lower part of the chin. At this point, not to remove excess skin; It is aimed to reach the muscles and to tighten and tighten the skin. For this, the skin is lifted upwards. Especially in old age, the platysma muscles may relax and may need to be tightened during the neck lift operation. The muscles are pulled towards the back of the neck and affixed behind the ear, creating a taut and natural look.

Recovery Period After Neck Lift Surgery

After the neck lift procedure, the patient should keep his head elevated. It is also desirable to keep the head dry. After the operation, the patient has a surgical dressing in addition to the sutures. At the follow-up appointment, the doctor takes them. In this process, within 2 weeks after the operation, there may be work and bruising in the neck area of the patient. It is possible for patients to return to their work after 2 weeks have passed after the procedure. After 6 weeks; they can start exercising. There is no harm in using the painkillers given by the doctor. However, it is necessary to be careful not to drive after taking painkillers.

Patients should go to follow-up appointments determined by the doctor without delay. Within 1-2 weeks after the surgery, the doctor makes the first follow-up appointment. Follow-up appointments should be made regularly in order for the healing process to be more accurate and faster.

It is possible for the patient to maintain the ideal height by sleeping with two pillows at night during the recovery period. At the same time, she can be comfortable by covering her neck area with a handkerchief or a shawl while going out. In this way, it both feels comfortable visually and prevents the neck area from being damaged. One week after the operation, the patient can apply make-up to hide the bruises. During the recovery period, the patient should be careful not to be exposed to direct sun.


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