Tuberous Breast Surgery

Tüberoz Meme Cerrahisi

The tuberous breast, which affects the size and shape of the developing breast, is a congenital problem. Not all women with tuberous breast problems are aware of this situation. There may also be those who have this problem with a slight effect. It is a condition also called tube udder or goat udder. Correct diagnosis and good treatment planning; important in tuberous breast surgery.

What is a Tuberous Breast and In Which Situations Is Surgery Performed?

Tuberous breast is the condition where the breast is not fully developed and the tube or tubular breast deformity occurs. It is a congenital condition. Compared with the ideal breast; The volume of the breast tissue may be normal or insufficient. However, the breast tissue is concentrated in the lower part of the breast and does not complete the development of the lower pole. Therefore, the patient’s breast appears narrower and longer. Patients who will undergo tuberous breast surgery are as follows:

  • If the skin between the areola and the lower part of the breast fold is small; tuberous breast surgery.
  • If there is a wide space between the two breasts and at the same time the breasts are narrow and long; tuberous breast surgery.
  • If the breasts are disproportionately large or puffy, if the areola begins to herniate; This situation is corrected with tuberous breast surgery.
  • Situations such as high inframammary fold, sagging breast, narrower and longer than ideal; removed by tuberous breast surgery.

Tuberous Breast Surgery Preparation Process

First of all, the medical history of the patient who will undergo tuberous breast surgery should be learned. The patient should share the breast development process with his doctor. After a physical examination, breast measurements are taken. Then, the path to be followed in order to meet the needs and expectations of the patient is decided. Treatment planning is done.

Tuberous Breast Surgery Application

Tuberous breast surgery is applied to the patient under general anesthesia. The constriction ring that causes the tuberous breast problem is detected and then this ring is released. The breast implant is placed and then the patient’s skin is extended with the implant. In some patients, results related to augmentation can be obtained more quickly. However, some patients have a waiting period of several months to several years. The difficulty of the process differs from patient to patient. However, it is a surgical procedure with a high success rate.

Post-Tuberous Breast Surgery and Recovery Period

After tuberous breast surgery, the patient’s breasts are wrapped with a bandage, and at this stage, it is recommended that the patient wear a surgical bra so that the patient can recover in a shorter time. There is no problem for the patient to get out of bed at short intervals one day after the operation. It is recommended to take a walk at intervals to prevent the formation of blood clots. As long as the patient’s elbows do not exceed shoulder level, there is no harm in using his arms. Swelling or bruising may occur during this process. However, within 2 weeks, the patient returns to his old self without taking any pain medication. To exercise or to return to the busy routines of life; An average of 6 weeks is required. Intense activities should not be done without the approval of the doctor.

The doctor makes follow-up appointments for the patient within one year after surgery. These appointments should be attended without delay. In addition, if there is any problem during the process; The doctor should be informed about this situation. If the patient has numbness in the nipple and areola region during this process; You should know that this is temporary. In a few weeks to a year, this numbness passes. If the numbness continues for a longer time, if a severe pain is felt; The doctor should be contacted.


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