Breast Reduction Aesthetics with Lollipop Scars

After breast reduction and lift surgery, two main types of scars occur. Lollipop and T-shaped tracks. Lollipop scarring provides an ideal result for patients who want to have breast surgery but have minimal scarring. We often prefer this technique in suitable patients.

What is the technical advantage of lollipop in breast reduction?

In this technique, also known as breast reduction/lift with vertical scar; After the operation, a lollipop-shaped suture line is seen, which extends perpendicular to the nipple and lower inframammary fold line. This technique is generally suitable for patients who are not very large and require a smaller amount of breast tissue to be removed. The method is more commonly used in patients who expect a better cosmetic result.

How scars occur in breast reduction and lift?

One of the technical differences when performing breast lift or reduction is the scars that will remain after the surgery. Traces are also determined by the planning and drawings made before the surgery.

Periareolar incision/scar; It is suitable for breast lifts with slight sagging. It is a technique that only includes incisions and scars around the areola (nipple). It is applied in very few patients due to limited indications.

Inverted T incision/scar; In larger and larger breasts, planning is made in accordance with the T scar technique. In addition to the lollipop scar, it is the technique in which the incision extends on the under-breast line. As the size of the breast increases, the scar on the under-breast line becomes more visible from the sides.

In conclusion, because of less visible cosmetic results, lollipop scars are the method we often prefer for reduction patients who have moderate breast tissue resections that are not excessively large, and for patients who have isolated lifts.


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