Labiaplasty and Postpartum Aesthetic Surgeries

Maternity Aesthetics surgery is an approach that is planned for mothers seeking comprehensive body contouring, to provide youthful and healthy looks. Maternity Aesthetic surgery is one of our most combined surgeries, combining everything from abdominoplasty to breast augmentation and liposuction. With the intense request of some of our patients, we have now started to add genital area aesthetics, especially labiaplasty, to these surgeries.

Postpartum sagging in the genital area and hygiene problems in women contributed to the addition of labiaplasty surgery to maternity aesthetics for women who want to lead a more comfortable life.

For which patients do we perform labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is surgery to redesign the size and shape of the thin and small lips (labia minora) in the woman’s genital area. Women who experience labial hypertrophy may suffer from discomfort, irritation, or pain during physical activities and sexual intercourse. In addition, the labia may be overly visible when tight-fitting clothing is worn. These problems often cause women to experience self-confidence problems.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, labiaplasty may be the right surgery for you. And after the surgery, you can find relaxation and peace both physically and psychologically.

The main reason why labia are large and drooping is due to congenital anatomy. In addition, aging, excessive weight gain and birth can cause the labia to become extra misshapen. That’s why we sometimes organize it together with the surgeries we call maternity aesthetics.

Since it is not a very big and heavy operation, it can be organized together with breast and abdominal operations. It is an operation that can be combined in maternity aesthetics without requiring an extra anesthesia and a healing process. It is especially advantageous for women with busy schedules who can take as little time off as possible.

Patients considering Maternity Aesthetics will be happy to hear that many procedures, including labiaplasty, can be incorporated into their treatment. Maternity Aesthetic treatments can also include buttock augmentation and liposuction of almost every part of the body. These combined surgeries can improve a woman’s lifestyle, allowing them to wear more comfortable clothes, exercise more comfortably without causing irritation, and contribute to a more hygienic genital area.


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