Hourglass Aesthetics

Every woman wants her body lines to be more beautiful and attractive. When we say ideal and generally pleasing body shape; While the chest and butt lines are prominent and protruding, the ‘hourglass’-like body shape with a thin waist comes to mind. Unfortunately, not every woman can have this ideal shape, even if she does, this ideal shape deteriorates with age.

Fortunately, we can help women achieve ideal feminine curves with the plastic surgery procedures we perform. And the top 3 plastic surgery surgeries that will allow you to achieve this feminine body are as follows.

Get an Hourglass Figure with Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck helps patients achieve a perfectly flat and slimmed abdomen. A sagging abdomen can be caused by excessive weight loss or gain, loose abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, and sagging skin. A tummy tuck can solve most of these problems by removing excess sagging fat and skin in the abdomen. We now often include liposuction in our tummy tuck procedures to remove excess fat and further increase waistline thinness. You’ll always have a waist and stomach you’ll be happy to show off

Buttock Augmentation

According to the general opinion; plump, rounded and curved buttocks look more pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, some women have congenitally flat hips, some have collapsed sides, and some have fullness that becomes very pronounced towards the sides. Those who have beautiful hips also experience sagging with aging. All these problems spoil the ideal curvy butt image that most women desire.

Butt augmentation gives you more shaped buttocks. Women can choose between butt implants or fat transfer (BBL). Butt implants are a permanent and quick solution that gives you a distinctively rounded appearance. If you prefer not to have an implant, we can inject fat into your buttock for extra volume. An important benefit of fat transfer is that it helps us to thin a problematic area, most notably the waist circumference, thanks to liposuction. In addition, there is no need for extra incisions for Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics (BBL) butt implants, and there is no foreign body in the sitting area such as the butt. Our primary preference is BBL surgery, where liposuction, on and lipoinjection are performed together if there is enough adipose tissue.

Breast Surgery

We can say that the most important body area that completes the feminine image is the breasts. A full, upright breast that is neither too small nor too big is the dream of every woman. We can contribute to your beauty with different breast surgery procedures.

Breast augmentation increases your breast size and firmness

Breast reduction resizes very large (and possibly painful) breasts. It gives a straighter and fuller appearance.

Breast lift surgery gathers and plumps sagging breasts.

The right breast procedure will complement your overall body shape and give you a more curvy body line.

Body Shaping Prices

Body shaping price is determined after your doctor examines you. The procedures to be implemented are shared with you in detail and are done within a plan. This is why there is no fixed price.


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