The Effect of Social Media on Aesthetic Procedures

These days, social media is more pervasive than ever and has led to a significant increase in aesthetic procedures, especially among the younger generation. According to a study, nearly half of the participants stated that they were influenced by social media when making decisions about both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Selfies and Self-Perception

Posting selfies on our social media pages has become a routine. These selfies often keep us focused on our faces and bodies and remind us of our imperfections, whether it’s small wrinkles around the eyes, an unattractive nose or an unfit bikini body.

This often affects how people are viewed by others and can lower their self-esteem. This is why many teens are turning to plastic surgeons to improve their appearance and look better online.

Percent Increasing Use of Photoshop Apps

With face contouring applications, young people are more interested in cosmetic procedures. These photo editing apps make it easy for users to focus on their physical appearance. And they want to achieve the face shape they created in the virtual environment.

Due to the nature of such applications, the fact that people are increasingly inspired by Photoshop applications pushes young people to seek their surgeons to show their preferred looks and convey these expectations.

Many people come to their surgeon with a photo of celebrities, social media influencers, a loved one, or a self-filtered and edited photo to show their surgeon how they want to look.

Social Media and Increasing Desire for Change

Social media has made men and women more willing to physical change. Plastic surgery is no longer something to hide, as the stigma associated with plastic surgery is gone. Thanks to celebrities and influencers who are outspoken about their cosmetic procedures, we see that most people who have had plastic surgery post before and after photos of rhinoplasty or breast augmentation and even blog daily. Such posts encourage people to make new decisions for their bodies and to be proud of the changes they have made.

Increased Availability of Information on the Internet

Increased information and document sharing on the internet about cosmetic procedures and aesthetic surgery also causes people to focus more on their visual problems and search for them.

More importantly, social media is changing the way patients find plastic surgeons. With multiple sites and blogs on the Internet, patients have a never-before-seen opportunity to learn about the pros and cons of each surgeon they consider.

As a result, the increasing place of social media in our lives has increased the interest in cosmetic procedures, especially in new generations.

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