7 Key Benefits of Breast Reduction

Women with extremely large breasts experience very serious health problems due to the excess weight they carry. From body aches to chronic illness, there are many reasons why women should consider breast reduction surgery. As physical problems become chronic, they also lead to emotional and psychological problems. We aim for an active, physically and mentally healthy life with breast reduction surgery. Here are some of the most important health benefits of breast reduction surgery.

1. Relieves Back and Neck Pains

Breast reduction has proven to be a popular solution to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with large and heavy breasts. Many women who have had the procedure successfully report a reduction in back pain, including relief from scoliosis.

2. Corrects Bra Strap Scars on the Shoulder

Scars due to the pressure of bra straps are another common indication of heavy breasts. The weight of the breasts puts excessive pressure on the bra straps, leaving permanent marks on the shoulders and under the shoulder blades. Breast reduction takes most of the extra weight, which significantly reduces shoulder marks from bra straps. Most patients are very satisfied with the comfort provided by small and proportional breasts.

3. Provides Better Posture

Women with large breasts may notice that they have a generally forward slant (humpback) stance. This forward bending causes compression at the junction of the shoulder blades and nerves and can cause chronic pain. Breast reduction helps to improve a woman’s posture by ensuring that the breasts are in direct proportion to the rest of the body.

4. Reduces Under Breast Rash and Rash

Women with large breasts experience recurrent redness or infections under the breast. This occurs due to constant friction at the submammary fold and irritation of the skin due to intense sweating. Breast reduction surgery helps to get rid of such rashes and even prevents them completely, increasing hygiene and quality of life.

5. Facilitates Daily Routine Activity and Exercise

Many women with heavy breasts complain of reduced effort capacity in their daily routine. Such patients are generally overweight and have difficulty in losing weight due to limitation of movement. After breast reduction, these patients can move freely and do sports. After the surgery, the weight loss process is also accelerated.

6. Numbness in Hands and Fingers Backs

The tension caused by heavy breasts is due to pressure in the neck area; may cause tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers/upper extremities, which may interfere with functionality. After breast reduction, complaints about numbness and tingling due to the regression of neck hernia regress.

7. Increases Self-Confidence and Reduces Stress Level

For many women with extremely large breasts, clothing is a serious problem. Regularly wearing camouflage clothing, using different methods to hide size, wearing unfashionable clothes, and being criticized by the environment can lead to serious anxiety and depression disorders. Reducing the breasts to a more desirable size provides better self-esteem and self-confidence. As a result, it improves mental health. Don’t let your big breasts prevent you from living a quality and healthy life. If you are seriously considering breast reduction and think it is the right decision for you and your health, you can contact us.


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